Inducted on September 24, 1972

Tony Bender of Elizabeth scored a clean KO over Abe Atell on March 7, 1906. Abe was the Featherweight Champ at the time. When Abe hit the floor, the lights went out, in the club, when they came on again, Abe was able to continue.

Tony Bender Knocks Out Abe Attell, But Referee Gives Long

  • Anton A. “Tony” Bender died February 24, 1955 in Beachwood New Jersey. He was 70 years old. He claimed 200 fights during his career.
  • Bender was a member of the stock department staff of the Bayway Refinery of the Esso Standard Oil Company in Linden for 28 years before retiring in 1949.

Unverified fights not listed in Bender’s BoxRec record:

  • April 17, 1905, George Hoey, New York, 3 rounds;
  • April 10, 1906, Jack Reardon, Bridgeport, CT, 6 rounds;
  • November 7, 1906, Austin Rice, Bridgeport, 6 rounds;

Information from Bender’s obituary in the February 25, 1955 New York Times

 Boxing Record: Tony Bender