Inducted on September 28, 1975

Thomas Frascella was born in N.Y.C. on June 2, 1905 and moved to Trenton at an early age.

His boxing career lasted from 1921 to 1934 and in the space of time he engaged in 105 bouts. Some of the well known ring men were Sammy Vogel, Jack Lewis, Charlie Feraci, Andy Ike Tucker, K. O. Billy White, Ray Mitchell, Johnny Kochansky, Harry Kid Brown, Billy Petrolle, Cuddy De Marco, Eddie Kid Wagner, Pal Moran, Mickey Delmont, Spencer Gardner, Danny Cooney and Pal Moore, twice.

In 1928 he was rated number 10 in Wilbur Wood’s National Rankings. This was the first year the Junior WeIterweights were rated and those included:

1. Jimmy McLarnin, 1. Mushy Callahan, 3. Baby Joe Gans, 4. Ruhy Goldstein,S. Jimmy Goodrich, 6. Spud Myers, 7. Freddy Mueller, 8. Kid Herman, 9. Jackie Brady and No. 10 Tommy “Kid” Murphy.

Tommy is the son of Kid Murphy, who was the American Bantamweight Champ in 1907.

This is the first father and son inductees in the Hall of Fame: as “Kid” Murphy was inducted at last years ceremonies.

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