Inducted on October 26, 1980

Tommy Elm PicturePerhaps to speak of his record in the boxing profession is far from Tommy Elm’s daily routine . . . an incurable problem that even the finest of professors cannot cure without sufficient heavy artillery supporting them.

Tommy is most reticent to speak of past glory; his record though unimpressive by way of classification by those not familiar with scoring procedures, is nevertheless a career of success.

During his boxing days which began in 1916 entries on the record books such as N.D. (no decision) was a common practice especially if that bout lacked a knockdown or a knockout.

Tommy engaged in 23 such bouts. Far superior than his opponent, failure to send his opponent to the canvas resulted in the scoring of that bout, No Decision.

However, following his No Decision bout with the all-time great Solly Seaman on October 20, 1922, approximately 58 years ago, boxing abolished the “No Decision” scoring.

Tommy went on ahead to .28 victories, 12 of them by knockouts. He lost 2.

Following his career’s end in 1925 Tommy remained with boxing. And in 1926 was appointed Referee by the State Athletic Commissioner. He traveled the state as an official until 1950.

He is now retired, living happily with his family … and oh yes … recently accepted his 84th BIRTHDAY!

Boxing Record – Tommy Elm