November 10, 1994

Stanley Sims - PictureStanley was born on October 17, 1892 in New York City. He first learned to box from his father at Hyde Park, N.Y. Where his father was the coachman for FDR’s parents. His family moved to Corona, Long Island, where Stan began his professional career at about age fifteen or sixteen; rapidly making a name for himself. Never knocked down or out in his long career, Stan fought some of the best lightweights of his time in the metropolitan area, and occasionally men in the heavier divisions, losing only four of nearly fifty contests; and earning a reputation as a fast, game, hard hitting, crafty ring artist, who was known for his sportsmanlike conduct in the ring. Stan served in WW1 with Col. Douglas MacArthurs’ famed 42nd Rainbow Division, in all that units major engagements, receiving five battle stars. Stan was one of the A.E.J. Champions, winning the Lightweight title of his Regiment; and was considered one of the best boxers in the Division. In 1922 Stan retired from the ring in order to join the Morristown Police Department, retiring in 1956 after a distinguished career. During this time he was the firearms instructor and pistol team Captain for many years and was one of the best police revolver marksman in the State. In 1933 he was chosen by the Chamber of Commerce as Morristowns’ most outstanding Police Officer. After his ring retirement, Stan, who introduced the sport of boxing to Morristown before WW1, continued his dedication to the game as trainer, manager, referee, and promoter. Stanley passed away in 1984, a credit to the police profession and the sport of boxing; both of which he loved.