Inducted on September 12, 1971

Stanley, born January 30, 1909 in Jersey City, was an all around athlete in high school, excelling in all sports and starring on the gridiron. Wanting to learn about boxing, Stan went to Joe Jeanette’s gym, where the Old Master took Stan in hand, teaching him the fundamentals. He began his pro career in 1929, his first bout a six-round draw with Charlie Wepner at the Moose Hall in Grantwood, with the fans tearing the house down with applause. In 11 other bouts that year Stan won 9 by knockouts.

In 1930, the handsome Polish Giant scored four kayo’s, won nine by decision and lost a close battle to Jack Renault, the Canadian heavyweight champIOn.

Victories over Marty Gallagher, Babe Hunt, Johnny Risko, Big Stan catapulted into the national fistic limelight when on June 24, 1932, he took the measure of Ernie Schaaf in 10 at Madison Square Garden. Following victories over Primo Camera, at the Newark Velodrome and Tommy Loughran, established Poreda as the top contender for the heavyweight crown.

In 1933, in sudden reversals, Stan lost to Ernie Schaaf in a return bout, to Steve Dudas and Joe Louis. Stanley boxed Max Baer in a four-round exhibition in San Francisco for the benefit of Frankie Campbell’s widow in 1935. Ironically, it was Baer who replaced Stan as top contender, and beat Primo Camera, the year before.

Stan had 47 bouts, winning 22 by knockouts, 15 by decision, losing nine and one draw.

Married on, February 1,1934, to the former Cecilia Pietal, the Poreda’s have three children, Irene, married; Stanley, Jr. and Albert.

Stanley and Cecilia reside in Jersey City, where Stan is a past president of the Fraternal Order of Police Assn.

Welcome into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, Stanley Poreda, congratulations and good luck!

Stanley Poreda entered the sport of boxing in the late 1920s. What he lacked in experience he helped to make up for with a powerful right hand, although he reportedly had a “weak chin.” He had some impressive wins against the likes of Tommy Loughran, Primo Carnera, Johnny Risko, Tom Heeney, and Ernie Schaaf.

Between the years 1933 and 1935, Poreda was aiming for a title shot against Carnera, Max Baer or Jim Braddock. However, after the 1933 ring death of his friend and former opponent Ernie Schaaf, along with a string of knockout losses (among them a loss to Joe Louis), Poreda walked away from the sport.

“Stanley Poreda, New York’s most promising heavyweight, first took up boxing as a means of reducing his weight. He used to spar with the professionals at Joe Jeannette’s gymnasium. One day a heavyweight tried to use him for a punching-bag, and Poreda, his anger rising, suddenly found that he could battle better than the boxer he was oposing. He was coached for a time by Jeannette, and finally decided to try professional boxing.” – The Globe and Mail, March 13, 1931

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