Inducted on September 22, 1974

Rugged Heavyweight contender during the ’30’s, was born December 27, 1911, in Paterson, New Jersey. Started boxing at age eighteen as a professional, meeting and beating the best in his class. Rated as one of the all-time great Jewish Heavyweight boxers. In a ’10 year boxing career, as Roy himself terms, “ten beautiful years”, the soft spoken Lazer, climaxed his profession, with a Heavyweight Title bout, against the great Brown Bomber, January 6, 1939. Roy faced opponents as Jersey Joe Walcott, Patsy Perroni, and Leroy Haynes, before losing in his title shot with Joe Louis. Victorious in 80 bouts in over 100 ring contests, Roy, a popular, crowd pleasing performer, also boxed in England, Scotland, France, and Wales.

During World War II, Lazer enlisted in the U.S, Army, serving in the E.T.O., fighting thru France, Belgium, and Germany.

Wounded in Germany in 1944, Roy remained behind the lines, staging boxing bouts in rest camps for U.S. Servicemen. Married to the former Pauline Goldblatt, for 34 years, the Lazer’s have 4 daughters, Marlene, Diane, Leigh, and Elaine, and 3 sons, Gerry, Louis, and Melwyn. In his battles with Pauline and daughters, Roy has been unable to win a decision, being outspoken and out-manuevered in every corner. Since his Army discharge, Roy has been employed with the Ballantine Brewing Co. for 29 years, and with the Budweiser Co. the last three years. Never losing his love for boxing, Roy has been working with Dr. Max Novich, with the latters Sunday morning Boxing Program at the Orange Y. He attends all the various charitable and social functions of the V.B.A. Ring groups, lending his help whenever called upon. The Lazer’s reside in Irvington, New Jersey.

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