Questions about Boxing in General

  1. Who was the only man to knockdown Jake LaMotta?
  2. Who was the 1st woman to judge a heavyweight title bout?
  3. How many times was Ali floored during his pro career and by whom?
  4. Where can I locate information re the Emile Griffith-Nino Benvenutti fights?
  5. What was Roy Jones’ amateur boxing record?
  6. A friend of mine Tony DiBiase won the National 147 class Championship. He is not listed in the history of Golden Glove Champs.
  7. Who were the members on the u.s. 1992 olympic boxing team?
  8. I read that dempsey had about 50 fights AFTER HE LOST TO TUNNEY twice – were they just exhibition matches or did he fight some real matches – ?? any record of this??

Questions about Hall Of Famers

  1. Where can I find any information on NJ Boxing Hall of fame member Andy Wallace?
  2. How can I get information on Vincent Scarpari?

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