Inducted on November 12, 1993

Pierre Benoist - Picture(1) N.J. Association of USA/ ABF Junior Olympic

Co-Chairman 1984 & 1985 & Acting Chairman (2) Appointed J.O. Chief of Officials 4/6/84

(3) Co-Chairman of Officials 12/21/86

( 4) Arranged for Amateur Boxing Seminars and Test for Officials

(5) Helped coordinate N.J. Junior Olympic ABF & NJ Silver Glove Championships

(6) Accompanied J.O. & Open Boxers to out of

State Regional Tournaments USA/ ABF AMATEUR REFEREE

Officiated at individual shows in NJ, PA & Georgia. Also NJ Garden State Games, NJ

J.O. & Senior ABF Championships, J.O. Silver Glove Championships, NJ Diamond Glove

& Golden Glove Championships


Jersey City, NJ – Pawtucket, RI – Ridgewood Grove & Brooklyn, NY – Wi limington, DE – West Troy, NY – Saratoga, NY – Lake Placid, NY – Flushing Meadows, NY – Melville & Nassua Area, Long Beach, LI


National PAL 1984 at Niagra Falls, NY

18th Annual Ohio State National Invitational 1985 & 1992 Amateur Boxing Championships at Columbus, OHIO

National PAL 1986 at Buffalo, NY, Also at Jersey City, NJ

Eastern Olympic Sports Festival 1987 at Lake Placid, NY

National Golden Gloves at Little Rock, Ark. 1993 J.O. Regionals Golden Gloves at York, PA 1993 32 Prison Shows with two Prison Championship 1992 & 1993


USA vs. British and USA Navy Team vs. England Amateur Boxer – Boxed for 5 year period in 3 divisions: 147, 160 & 175

Conservant (Navy) 160 lb. Representative in Atlantic Fleet Finals

In the past worked with kids and taught boxing course for about 5 years. Some young men went on to win championships.


Ring 25 – Lou Costello Sportsmen Club Pres. – Boxing Hall of Fame – Diamond Glove Association.

Officiating Record: Judge