Inducted on October 17, 1976

Philly Griffin PictureOur Honoree Philly Griffin was the pride of Newark’s 14th Ward along with his two brothers, Mickey and Ralph.

Born Phillip DeLuca, he became interested in boxing because of his brother Mickey’s success. He was an amateur flyweight and won the 60 bouts he engaged in. After 2 years he turned “pro” and won 40 out of SS bouts. He grew from Flyweight to the Junior Welterweight class during his career.

Among his many opponents were Benny Levine, Nat Arno, Moe Fisher and Lou Halper, all of Newark’s Third ward.

Other headliners he met were Tony Canzoneri, Jackie “Kid” Berg, Maxie Strube, Al Rossi, Bat Battalino and Benny Tressito.

He retired from the ring in 1932, and is also retired from the Parcel Service after 30 years.

Married to the former Connie Dagostaro, they are the parents of a son, Gerald, and Grandparents of 4.

Boxing Record – Philly Griffin