Inducted on October 29, 1982

Mickey Greb - PictureDuring his pugilistic career Mickey was managed by one of the greatest of boxing experts, Angelo Pucci. Mickey was proud of the stable of boxers he was associated with while with Pucci. He had great admiration for Tippy Larkin, the former Junior Welterweight Champion of the World … also of the Pucci camp.

Mickey, though never a champion, fought world champions during his illustrious career. He boxed the British Empire Lightweight Champion Nel Tarelton; former United States Champions, Johnny Dundee and Freddie “Red” Cochrane. Always a contender, always a polished competitor. His losses, all by split decisions, were considered by ring experts “too close to call. The decision to the champion.”

Some of his victims by way of the knockout route however were:

Patsy (K.O.) Fanning; Chuck “Red” Conners; Johnnie Mayhook, Paulie Smithers and Sid Barry.

Mickey’s contribution to boxing covers many areas:

He has organized boxing classes; has taught youngsters the great art of self-defense.

He has contributed his time to the Police Athletic League in Nutley, Passaic, Buffalo and Secaucus.

For several years has been boxing director for several boys camps in New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut.

He has also been director of Kutsher’s Sports Academy at Monticello, New York.

In 1960 he was named “Man of the Year” by the Catholic War Vets.

And during World War II, Mickey was director of athletics with the U.S. Air Force in the Panama Canal Zone.

His expertise was in evidence as a referee during the past twenty years. Following his nomination to the Hall of Fame. the Selection Board was in total agreement for his election. It is with great satisfaction that I extend ‘a welcoming hand.

Boxing Record – Mickey Greb

Officiating Record: Mickey Greb