Inducted on September 24, 1972

Mickey Donley of Newark boxed such opponents as Mickey Fox, George Chaney, twice, Cyclone Williams, Johnny Dundee, “Irish Patsy” Cline, Lou Cardell, Johnny Drummie, Young Joe Gans, Tommy Touhey, Benny Cohen, Joe Benjaman, Sailor Freedman and a host of others. On November 12, 1920 he lost a 12 round decision to Mickey Walker.

Bozza/Donley dropped dead in the final round of the Jimmy Murray-Stanley Miller bout, which he was refereeing, Feb. 22, 1944, in Jersey City, NJ.

Referee Michael Bozza, former Newark lightweight boxer who fought under the name Mickey Donley, dropped dead in the final round of this bout. Paul Cavalier, chief of New Jersey referees, examined Bozza’s card and declared the bout a draw. New York Times

Boxing Record – Mickey Donley