Inducted on September 22, 1974

“KID” MURPHY was born Peter Frascella, May 2, 1886, in Trenton, New Jersey. Won American Bantam weight title defeating Johnny Coulon in 1907. Lost title to Coulon in 1908. Boxed from 1903 to 1913. Died in Trenton, New Jersey.

Kid Murphy hailed from Trenton, New Jersey. He claimed the 105-pound Paperweight Championship of America after a private fight with Willie Schumacher in 1906 at Westchester, New York. Eight months later Schumacher outpointed Murphy at New York after 25 rounds of another private fight. During 1907, no longer a paperweight, Murphy claimed the 110-pound American title. He lost that claim in 1908 to Johnny Coulon at Peoria, Illinois in ten rounds. Later that month he lost a ten-rounder to the Chicago Spider for the title.

Murphy was inducted into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.

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