Inducted on June 15, 1969

Joe Shugrue had two brothers, Johnny and William, who were also boxers. Shugrue retired from boxing in 1915 due to a detached retina in his right eye that made the eye completely blind. Also, he suffered from a cataract that left him with only partial vision in the left eye.

In his last two fights, both six rounders in Philadelphia, Shugrue claimed that he could barely see, and concluded that he must retire. (New York Times, 02-21-1960.)

After retiring from the ring, Joe Shugrue worked in vaudeville, and later opened up a tavern and gymnasium in Waterbury CT in 1920. He was a truant officer in Jersey City from 1925 until September 1959.

On June 15, 1969 Shugrue was inducted into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame as part of its first class, along with Mickey Walker, James J. Braddock, Frankie Nelson, Cal McCarthy, Johnny Buff, Jeff Smith, Frankie Burns, Johnny Dundee, Gus Lesnevich, Joe Jeannette, Jack De Mave, Cy Smith, Charlie Seiger, and Irish Bobby Brady.

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