Inducted on November 11, 1988

Born on September 26,1914

Joe says the last 74 years just flew by, but he recalls that the high spots were his two sons, two daughters, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. His son, Carl, is also a member of Ring 25.

Aside from that great accomplishment, he emerged as Champion in two Diamond Glove Tournaments. However, his biggest thrill was standing in the spotlight at Madison Square Garden and being acclaimed the 1936 Golden Glove Champion in the 160 lb. Open Class.

Thereafter, he retained his amateur standing by becoming a “club fighter” and after winning dozens of sweaters and watches, he retired with a record of 40 and 4. These losses, he stresses, were by decisions and he has never been knocked out – except by his wife, the former Helen McInerney.