Inducted on November 9, 1995

Jimmy Nina Gorman - PictureJimmy was born on December 23, 1871 and boxed in the 1890’s out of Paterson, New Jersey.

On Oct. 17, 1893 after going unbeaten for several years he got a shot at the 100 lb. championship against Jack Levy in New Orleans. He Became Paterson’s first and up to now the only American or World Title Holder when he knocked out Levy in the 8th round.

He held the title until June 2nd 1894 when he lost to Jimmy Barry, who never lost a bout, in 11 rounds. This would be his first and last defeat as he retired in 1895.

Jimmy also had a son and 3 grandsons that became professional boxers and we are very proud to induct Jimmy into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame tonight and honor that is well over due.

Jimmy past away on Oct. 18, 1906 in Paterson.

Boxing Record – Jimmy Gorman