Inducted on October 14, 1979

Jimmy Krug PictureJimmy (Krug) Galiano was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1910.

He lived most of his life in Newark, and he was to become an integral part of Newark boxing for over 50 years. Jimmy Galiano, or Krug, as he was to become known, handled many fighters during the heyday of Newark boxing. The most prominent was Tony Fisher. Jimmy tried his hand at promoting, becoming active in Berkshire Valley, N.J. He also worked with the late Harry Mendel at Dreamland Park. He was the typical Damon Runyon character. The unlit cigar (his trademark), the hot temper, the profanity and the outspoken manner were all Jimmy Krug. Just the way the movies depict them. But Jimmy had a special quality that set him apart from others. He was generous to the point of hurting himself. No favor was too much for Jimmy, just call upon him and there he was. The annual St. Peter’s Orphange Benefit always saw Jimmy working hard with the Marsillo brothers and the rest of the workers. Every dinner, benefit, fight or charity affair saw the popular Jimmy Krug there. He enjoyed them all, especially when he knew he was helping the less fortunate.

Jimmy’s passing recently saddened all of us. On March 3rd, a memorial benefit was held at Biase’s to a capacity crowd. It was all of Jimmy’s friends coming to pay tribute to their friend.

Jimmy Krug is survived by his wife Helen, son .Nick, daughters Helen and Camille. The New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame recognizes his contributions and services in boxing and have accorded him a place in our services here tonight.