Inducted on June 15, 1969

Name: Jeff Smith
Alias: The Bayonne Globetrotter
Birth Name: Jerome Jeffords
Born: 1891-04-23
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Died: 1962-02-03 (Age:70)
Hometown: Levittown, New Jersey, USA
Height: 5′ 8½″   /   174cm
Reach: 71″   /   180cm

Managers Al Lippe, Ed Bader

  • Reportedly had over 700 career bouts.
  • Known as the “Bayonne Globe Trotter”
  • Died in Levittown, New Jersey
  • Photo #2

Jeff Smith fought many of the great Hall of Famers during his time such as Gene Tunney, Harry Greb, Tommy Loughran, Georges Carpentier, Les Darcy, and Mike Gibbons. Jeff would also travel to other countries to fight. He spent the end of 1912 and all of 1913 in Paris fighting, 8 bouts total. When in Paris he fought Frank Mantell to a 20 round Draw, and also fought Georges Carpentier for a 20 round decision. Jeff even spent all of 1914 and most of 1915 in Australia, 9 bouts total.

The fights that stick out are Jeff’s two draws with Harry Greb, not an easy thing to do. Jeff Smith and Harry Greb fought 7 times total. Harry won 5 of them. Jeff boxed the first draw on May 20, 1921. The referee made the call. The second draw was a no-decision bout, but the newspapers said it was a draw. That fight took place on Feb 20, 1922.

The other fights that stick out are Jeff’s two matches with the legendary Australian Les Darcy. Both fights took place in 1915 when Jeff was fighting in Sydney, Australia. The first fight, Jan 23, was awarded to Jeff Smith as a win when Darcy refused to continue, claiming a foul. Jeff won the Australian World Middleweight Title that day by disqualification. The two of them met again 4 months later and the outcome was Jeff losing on a foul in the second. Darcey was awarded the victory when Smith punched him in the groin. Jeff was one of only 4 men that beat Darcy in his entire 50 bout career.

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