Inducted on September 23, 1973

Francisco Tenerelli – was born February 21, 1913, in Camden, N. J. A rough and tough youngster, growing up in a tough depression era, Frankie embarked on a pro boxing career in 1933. ,Fighting as Frankie Blair, the rugged, crowd pleasing Bloir, met the best in the welter weight division, rising to the No.2 contender spot, but never received a title shot, while Barney Ross held the crown. Fighting in Washington, D. C Frankie as the underdog won over Phil Furr, twice, and IHarry Dublinsky of Chicago, both heavy favorites, while winning 7 bouts in a row. Dubbed “The Upset Kid” by sportswriters, always winning when the boxing experts figured he had no chance, Frankie’s wade in windmill style had the name fighters seeking softer touchers. In 80 professional fights Blair appeared in ,Madison Square Garden 13 times, and boxed the champs and near champs. Fritzie Zivic, Ceterino Garcia, Glen Lee, and Waller “:Popeye” Woods. ,Retiring from the ring in 1939. Frankie opened a night club in Camden.. “The Upset Club”. When World War II came along Frankie enlisted in the U. S. Navy. Assigned to the duties of a Physical Director, he helped build the young sailors into fighting men.

After the War, Frankie went into the business world, and was the Vice-President of two firms, the -Upset Kid Enterprises, and the Frankie Blaire Enterprises.

Unmarried at the present time, Frankie spends his time following his firms business progress in Washington, D. C. and Virginia, where he also resides.

Welcome into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Ferne Frankie ‘Blair, Congratulations and Good luck.

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