Inducted on November 15, 1985

EVA SHAIN - Picture

Eva Shain has made her mark in the world of boxing where she has gained the reputation of being one of the world’s foremost boxing judges.

Shain spent almost nine years as an amateur boxing judge. In this time, she officiated at approximately 1500-2000 Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) and A.A.U. (now known as the Amateur Boxing Federation) boxing shows.

Moving along, Eva spent four and a half months as an apprentice professional boxing judge at the Felt Forum of Madison Square Garden. Shortly thereafter, she received her official license to officiate at professional boxing shows.

Now, her eleven years as a pro boxing judge has provided her with a boastful record of having judged 17 world championship fights. The very first championship fight she judged was the still-talked about fight between Muhammad Ali and Earnie Shavers. The fight was held in Madison Square Garden on September 29, 1977. In fact, Eva is the first lady boxing judge to have worked at a heavyweight championship fight. Her name is perpetuated in the Ring Record Book for all time for having officiated at this memorable fight.

At the press conference immediately after the Ali-Shavers fight, John F.X. Condon, President of Madison Square Garden Boxing Department, and a cohonoree tonight, who will be enshrined in the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, asked Ali if he was aware a lady boxing judge officiated at this fight.

“No, I did not know,”Ali said.

“What do you think of this lady judge,” Condon asked Ali.

“Before I answer that,” Ali said, “how did she score the fight?”

Condon said, “she scored 9-6 in your favor, the other judge also voted 9-6 in your favor, the referee voted 9-5, and one round even, in your favor and a unanimous decision. ”

Ali said, “that lady judge is just great.”

Eva has numerous other firsts to her credit in the world of boxing:

• The first lady judge to have officiated in the famed Madison Square Garden.

• The first lady judge to have officiated at a professional boxing show ever held aboard the air-craft carrier, “U.S.S. Lexington” on September 16, 1977, in Pensacola, Florida, during the Don King “Tournament of Champions.” Headlining that card was Larry Holmes, who went on to become the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion, a title he held for seven years.

• She is the first licensed boxing judge to have judged professional boxing bouts in the State of New Jersey. Prior to this, the referee was the sole judge.

• Coupled with this fact, Eva is also the first lady judge to have judged professional boxing in the State of New Jersey.

• She is also the first lady judge to have worked in professional boxing shows held in Rahway Prison.

• The first lady judge to have worked in Puerto Rico on a title fight. Also, the first lady judge to have worked in Texas on a title fight; and, in Saginaw, Michigan, on a titIe fight. Eva also worked in Florida, twice, on non-title shows.

• In her 12th championship fight which she officiated, Eva landed in Tokyo, Japan, and on to Sendai, Japan, where the fight was held .

• She is licensed by the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation, United States Boxing Association, North American Boxing Federation; and Continental American Federation.

• Some of the world championships she judged:

Muhammad Ali-Earnie Shavers

Alexis Arguello- Ray “Boom-Boom” Mancini Michael Spinks-Jerry Celestine

Katsuo Tokashiki-Lupe Madera

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Mustafa Hamsho Thomas Hearns-Fred Hutchings

Jeff Chandler-Juan Solis

Jeff Chandler-Richie Sandoval

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Jerry Martin Matthew Saad Muhammad-Dwight Braxton Michael Spinks- Vonzell Johnson

The first lady boxing judge assigned to work on the Don Elbaum, “World Champion Fights,” competing with the Don King “Tournament of Champions.”

Eva also worked as an extra in the fight scenes of “Raging Bull,” seated in the front row.

Eva is also part of the well-known game, “Trivial Pursuit,” and the question asked, “What is Eva Shain’s claim to fame, achieved in the Muhammad AIi-Earnie Shavers fight of September 29, 1977?”

Many stories have been published in leading magazines and newspapers throughout the world about her boxing background as a judge. She is internationally known in boxing circles.

She has been interviewed on a number of television and radio shows.

At a recent boxing show in the Felt Forum, a judge did not report. Eva was called from the audience to officiate at the show. John Condon spoke about this on the air, along with his associate, Sam Rosen.

Shain has judged many of the “Who’s Who” in boxing. Roberto Duran, Mike Dokes, Mike Weaver, Gerry Cooney, Wilfred Benitez, Harold Weston, Jr., Juan La Porte, Vito Antuofermo, Mark Medal, Don Curry, Bruce Curry, Hector Camacho, Howard Davis, Jr., Saoul Mamby, Villomar Fernandez, Edwin and Adolpho Viruet, Greg Page, Roer Mayweather, Randy Shields, and so many others, too numerous to mention.

Eva will always be grateful to the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame for making her accomplishments of being No. l. continue.

She is also very happy to be inducted tonight, along with a man who has distinguished himself in boxing and basketball, and is known as “The Voice of Madison Square Garden,” the President of the Boxing Department of Madison Square Garden, the incomparable John F.X. Condon.

And, to the other inductees, Eva wishes them Good Health and Good Luck. “Let’s keep punching,” she said.