Inducted on October 17, 1976

Edward V. Durinowas born December 25,1913. He started boxing at the age of twelve. His professional career started in 1930 and lasted until 1938.

He boxed many times as a youngster, at Smokers around New Jersey. He had 77 fights as a professional in his eight year boxing career. His first loss came after 46 straight wins. He won 62 fights, had 5 draws, 9 losses and lost 1 by T.K.O.

Eddie has fought some of the best men in his area. They include: Paul Cortlyn, Young Terry, Danny Devlin, Stanley Loayza, Jimmie Phillips, Phil Krug, Six Second Powell, Tony Fisher, Lou Halper, Carl Duva, Maxie Fisher, Bobby Hamilton, Eddie Kid Wallace, Frank Corsi and Nick Ruggiano.

Since his retirement from the ring, he has been working for the past 37 years with the Iron Workers Union, Local 11.

For many years, he has worked with his pal, Bucky Jones, in teaching young boys the art of self-defense. He is also a charter member of Ring #25.

He married the former Rose LaGanga, and is the proud father of one daughter, Rosemary and has two grandchildren.

Formerly of Montclair, New Jersey, he now resides in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

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