Inducted on October 29, 1982

Dave Chacon PictureBorn January 9, 1922, at Hurley, New Mexico, Dave is a product of a very fine, always hard at work, parents.

He was reared at the foot-hills of the high California mountains. Attendance at school, in Los Angeles. He is the proud brotherof two charming sisters, Rose Choplin, possessing a Doctorate of Languages Degree, and the other sister, Mrs. Beatrice Sanchez, now retired from Industrialist-Executive Postal Authorities, Los Angeles.

Dave’s amateur boxing career was enviable. Few, if any retirees from the ring, have a more commendable amateur record – 96 victories, 7 losses. Yes, he was proud of his amateur boxing record. “And, said Dave, “I did not hesitate turning professional, the offers were far better. I was tired of the apples, oranges and ice cream cones handed me as first prize. There was an occasion, during a close bout, our pay was a double-dip, my appetite was much stronger than that,” Dave continued.

“Do you remember your toughest opponent?” I asked.

“How can I ever forget Dick Richie,” replied Dave. it was early in my pros 1938. A welterweight bout in Los Angeles. Without question one of the best bouts on the night’s card. Richie was powerful at 147 pounds, strong as an Indians word, and as sharp as his tomahawk. I had to use the entire command of my skills. Even while scoring sledge hammer blows, my shoulders did hurt from the impact. He was tough, he was rough during four grueling rounds.. “My reserve of energy brought a hard earned win. In 186 bouts I was never stopped, why start here?”

Dave left California in 1939; his pedigrinations carried him across our great country boxing in Illinois, Pittsburgh, Florida and finally arriving in New Jersey in November 1940.

The war clouds opening one year later, Dave was called to protect his colors. Here too, his record was one of pride. “It was an effort required of me and also others,” said Dave, “I am thankful to have served.”

His career resumed following wars-end, offering Dave a second chance. However, following nine more bouts, somewhere, someone created that ever-memorable feeling, the pastures should be greener elsewhere; and it was.

Then Edith, a lovely little lady he met months earlier, joined him in marriage on September 20, 1947. They have twin daughters age 29 and are thrilled with their grandchild. Yes, they have spoiled her.

Following four years of apprenticeship with the Carpenters Local 715, he was elected sergeant at arms; and shortly afterwards executive board member. This dedication earned for him the presidency of the Carpenters Local 715.

Dave presently is campaigning for the election of Adam Levin to Congress. His contribution untiring. More of his sacrificing has been witnessed in the fund-raising dinner-dance program for the Deborah Heart Foundation. Always finding means in which the needy may receive correct surgical assistance. His enthusiasm generated in his presentations has encouraged others to assist in Deborah’s volunteer program.

My sincere appreciation of the Selection Committee’s decision, DAVE CHACON, Honoree, New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.

Boxing Record – Dave Chacon