Inducted on February 24, 1984

One with such hobbies as a naturalist, Danny Koplick, a bird-watcher, hunter and fisherman cannot be considered an aboriginal or barbarian because of his fistic abilities, but rather an athlete who accepted the ‘bodycontact’ sport for fame and fortune. Yet, Danny’s prowess in the squared circle created the “I will not step into the same ring with him” attitude ‘n reputation.

Under the leadership of New York sportsman Richard Fried, Dan engaged in 42 professional bouts. The “Blonde Tiger”, named for his stalking tactics accepted all opponents. So clever in the ring, other opponents were difficult to sign. War time too, contributed to the scarcity of opponents, without which titular aspirations were delayed. Danny too, became a victim of the ‘times.

Danny served with our Navy throughout the European Theatre of Operation. He has great praise for his Commander, former Heavyweight Champion of the W orld, Gene Tunney. “Though my position was a dangerous one, the UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) or Invasion and Mine Disposal Team, Tunney made my responsibilities much easier and more interesting thru my appointment to the Athletic and Recreation department. There I taught Boxing, Promoted Base Tournaments and Bond raising shows.”

Danny and his lovely wife Marie continue to enjoy their grand-daughters Susan and Sara. His Son Daniel Jr., and wife Marie reside in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Mario J. Centi President

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