Inducted on November 1, 2006

During Chris Reid’s 12 years as both an amateur and professional boxer, Chris enjoyed tremendous success. Chris won a total of 59 amateur bouts, with wins in 56 of his final 60 fights. As an open class fighter, Chris won 7 National Championships as well as the 1981 NJ Golden Gloves & the 1983 NY Golden Gloves. In the finals of the 1980 National Silver Gloves, Chris beat Future Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Tate. In the finals of the 1981 NJ GGs, Chris defeated fellow NJBHOF member Mike Tinley. In winning the 1983 NY GGs, Chris defeated defending champion Richard Burton in the semifinals

As a professional, Chris climbed the ladder very quickly, fighting 10-rounders by his 7th fight and headlining cards in Atlantic City by his 10th fight. By 1987, within 3 years of turning pro, Chris was rated #3 in the world by the WBC at Light Heavyweight. By 1988 Chris was rated #2 in the world at Super Middleweight.

On October 7, 1988, Chris challenged and lost to then-reigning IBF world champion Graciano Rocchigiani. After the fight, at 24 years old, with a career record of 20-2-2(19kos), Chris retired from the sport of boxing.

Chris was an outstanding boxer, truly born to be a fighter, not strictly because of his impressive physical skills, but also because of his mental makeup. Chris was fearless and competitive. Chris relished a true challenge. Chris did not know the meaning of words like “quit” or “failure,” because Chris was driven by an incredible pride in all aspects of his life.

After boxing, Chris continued his success outside of the ring. Chris was truly a worldly person and enjoyed deep conversations about history and politics. Chris was a successful businessman and remained a very well known and respected figure in the Red Bank/Monmouth County area. Chris was always approachable, friendly and humble.

Chris was a dedicated family man and he and his wife Elaine took great pride in raising their 3 children Bernadette, Kenny & Philip.

CHRIS 'SHAMROCK EXPRESS' REIDNew York Golden Gloves Champion

Chris Reid won the 1983 New York Golden Gloves 165lb Open Championship. Reid stopped(RSC-3) Richard Brent of the Bed-Stuy Boys Association in the finals to win the Championship. Reid trained at the Times Square Athletic Club in New York City. Reid’s brother Ed Reid won the 1992 New York Golden Gloves 178lb Sub-Novice Championship.

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