Inducted on November 15, 1985


Charlie Kukal - PictureCharlie “Cook” Kukal, a product of Elizabeth’s tough Kerighyhead section, was born on December 21, 1909 and fashioned his ring career after the immortal Mickey Walker who was his lifetime idol and friend. Charlie’s fight weight was 132 pounds and never exceeded 140, which did not deter him from taking on middleweights in bruising club fights which paid off in cuts and bruises rather than big paydays.

With fight clubs in every section during that era, the matchmakers paid scant attention to a few extra pounds and quick knockouts sometimes called for another opponent in order to get paid. Never a champion, Charlie “Cook” Kukal was an honest hard hitting workman who took great pride in his chosen profession, which placed great demands on physical condition. Your position had to be horizontal before a second would think of throwing in the towel.

Retiring after some 50 fights, including such notable ringmen as Til Young, Irish Fagin, Sid Jacobs, Phil Dorn, Grover Whalen, Johnny Endow, Jay Macedon, Bobby Hamilton, Al Parriti, Joe “Knock” Manning, Andy Telemondi, Charlie “Cook” Kukal remains today entirely unmarked after many ring years.

Gifted with a pleasing outgoing personality, Charlie will never lack for friends. He is now serving as a well respected President of our Union County Veteran Boxers Association.