Inducted on November 20, 1992

Charlie Blood - PictureCharlie gained his nickname “Charlie Blood” at a young age from his reputation as a street tough fighter during his school days. He began professional boxing at the age of 16 to aid his family in the pre-depression years. Weighing in at 127 Ibs., and standing 5 ft. 4in. and earning a pro salary of $10.00 for 4 rounds, Charlie was known to box in a rough house manner. He was never knocked off his feet. Many of his fights were held in Garfield, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Montacello and Herkermine, N.Y. He gained the title of the N.J. Lightweight Crown in 1928 from Cy Roberts. Among the fighters of his day that Charlie held victories over Lou Ambers, Petey Mack of Jersey City, Nick Salvatore of Newark, and Joey Dole and Joey Biss of Garfield. with a winning record of 65-5, he retired in 1931. When asked why he retired so soon, Charlie was quoted as saying, “I gave up fighting after a Garfield boy, Joey Biss, stood up for 8 rounds of pounding. I was mad because I couldn’t knock his out … and he depression had cut my purses from $300 and $400 to $50 and $75 … not worth it.”

In 1940 Charlie took over a tavern in Garfield from his father-in-law. It is known as “Charlie Blood’s” and is owned and run by his son Sal Benanti and his family.

After his boxing retirement, he became Supt. of weights and Measures in Garfield. He also served as President of the local liquor dealers association, President of the Garfield Rotary, a member of the Forestors of America, and the 20th century A.C. He married Nettie Garrone and had 2 children, Rosalie and Sal and 4 grandchildren, Jodi, John, Sally and Tracy.

Date Opponent Results Site Comments
1929- 9-27 Cy Roberts L- 6 Garfield
1929-11-18 Joe Hickey W- 4 Paterson, NJ
1929-11-21 Cy Roberts W- 6 Paterson, NJ
1930- 1-17 Ed Roberts W- ? Hackensack
1930- 1-31 Jackie Conway D- ? Paterson, NJ
1930- 3- ? Tony Polcari D- ? Hackensack
1930- 5-22 Cy Roberts W- 6 Garfield
1930- 8-21 Gene DeLayo D- ? Garfield most thought Blood won
1930- 9- 9 Gene DeLayo D- 8 Passaic
1930- 9-18 Nick Salvatore D- 8 Garfield
1931- 2-13 Charlie Russo L- ? Hackensack
1931- 6-17 Andy Pritchard W- 6 Elizabeth
1931- 7-30 Charlie Wells W- 6 Garfield both 136
1931- 8-20 Joey Biss W- 6 Garfield