Inducted on October 17, 1976

Charlie was born Cologero Fusari in Alcamo, Sicily, on August 20, 1923. His parents settled in this country when he was a youngster.

Charlie had a total of 92 bouts, 8 amateur and 84 “pro”. His first pro bout was on May 8, 1944 and his career ended in retirement in 1952.

He was the New Jersey State Champ in 1947, ’48 and ’49 and fought for the World Championship against Sugar Ray Robinson and Johnny Bratton, losing close decisions.

In 3-1/2 years he was undefeated in 56 bouts and was known as the “Irvington Milkman”, losing his first bout to “Tough Tony PelIone.”

Charley and Anne D’ Ambola Fusari are the parents of 3 sons, Charlie, Jr., Mark and Robert.

A funny thing happened to Charlie during his amateur career. He had 2 bouts in one night, and after KOing Curtis Moore in the first, he went to rest for an hour or two. He took off his trunks and protective cup, put on his robe and went to sleep. When his second bout came up, they put on his gloves and he went into the ring. As he was being introduced, he removed his robe and everybody started screaming. In looking down he noticed that he had nothing on and was standing like September Morn! No Trunks, no cup, no nothing! He left for the dressing room on the double, got dressed and came back to win his fight.

He claims this was his most embarrassing moment.

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