Inducted on November 9, 1995

Charles 'Petey' Smith - PictureCHARLEY SMITH

In the fight game, one man’s tragedy is another man’s fortune.

At the Arena Gardens in Detroit, on the evening of October 6, Charley Smith, 19 year-old Newark, N.J. lightweight startled fistiana by scoring a technical knockout over Chester Rico in the eighth round. The youthful Negro started proceedings by dropping Rico, whom THE RING had rated that month the sixth best lightweight in the world, with a terrific right to the jaw. When Chester got- to his feet, Charley dropped him again. The bell’ saved Rico.

Favored by the Italian in the following Smith leaped to his feet and battered his adversary all over the ring. He opened ‘a bad cut- over Rico’s eye. By the time the eighth round was reached, Rico was in such poor condition that the club doctor ordered the battle stopped.

Smith’s TKO over Rico was no surprise to those who have seen the kid knock out other tough opponents. Among them are: Hubert Samuels, Alfonso Malacara, Mario Torres, Dom Amoroso, Mario Colon, Frankie Leta, AI Freda, Jean Barriere, Lefty La Chance, Leo Methot, Jimmy Rizzo and many others. He scored 32 kayoes in 52 of his pro contests.

Born in Morristown, N.J., Charley Smith moved to Newark where he graduated from the South Side high school. He began his boxing career while attending grammar school. He was instructed in the art of fisticuffs by Jimmy Jones, a former amateur boxer with over 200 battles to ~ his credit. Jones, together with Angelo Pucci, manager of Tippy Larkin, is now handling the hard-hitting youngster.

As an amateur, Charley won 34 out of forty contests. He was no puncher then, but Jones keeps drilling him in the gym every day, instructing him in the art of hitting-with plenty of shoulder behind it. As a result, Charley Smith is now rated as one of the meanest clouters at his weight.

The Negro boy, a polite and levelheaded young man, has gained verdicts from among-such fighters as Zach Taylor, Georgie Cooper, Sammy Mammone, Jeff Holloway, Vitlce Dell ‘Orto, Jackie Peters, Emmitt Crier’ and Leon Spencer. He has dropped ten decisions in his career; one was a hotly contested 10 round battle to Ike Williams, holder of the NBA lightweight title, and one was a knockout at the hands of Artie Levine.


Boxing Record – Charlie ‘Petey’ Smith