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Scott Frank started boxing at the age of 16. He would fight different kids in the neighborhood, and 
people would pay money to see him fight. From there he went on to challenge tough kids from 
different high schools. Scott went to his first gym, Tony Ryles A.C., at the age of 17-1/2. From 
there he went to Cianci Street where Lou Duvaís gym was located. Lou Duva brought him under his 
wings of Chicky Ferrara, a well-known trainer from Gleasonís Gym in New York City. Under Chickyís 
training, Scott won the 1977 Open Class New Jersey Golden Gloves Heavyweight Championship, as well 
as the AAU Heavyweight Championship, scoring consecutive knockouts in both Tournaments. Scottís 
amateur record was 25-3. He also fought internationally against Ireland, Russia, Yugoslavia, 
Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In one of Scottís bouts he scored a 1st round KO over one of the top 
Russianís on Wide World of Sports. He went to Germany and defeated Peter Hussing of Germany, a 
former European Champion and three time Olympian who won a Bronze medal in the 1972, losing to the 
Great Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba in the Semi-finals. 

Scott turned professional on May 2, 1978. Less then five months later he beat former World 
Contender Chuck Wepner to become the New Jersey Heavyweight Champion. He went on to beat such 
standouts as Charles Harris, Rocky Casale and Ron Stander, who fought Joe Frazier for the World 
Title. He finally got a chance to box one of the top heavyweights in the world; #5 rated Renaldo 
Snipes in Atlantic City. After 10 hard fought rounds the decision was a draw. A year and a half 
later, Scott fought Larry Holmes for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Although he was 
stopped after 5 rounds, Scott gave a good account of himself. He fought twice since the Holmes bout 
and his last bout a couple of years ago was against Derek Amos, who Scott stopped in the 5th round. 
Three months later, Amos fought World Contender Chris Byrd and it took Chris 9 rounds to stop Amos. 
Scott Frankís professional record was 22-1-1 with 17 KOís.

Scott Frank

Country    United States
Hometown   Oakland, NJ
Division   Heavyweight
Born       1958-03-30 
Stance     Orthodox   
Height     188        
Trainer    Lou Duva   

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Date       Opponent                  Location                  Result      
1978-05-02 Joe Maye                  Totowa, NJ, USA           W PTS  6 
1978-05-20 Robert Colay              Trenton, NJ, USA          W KO   2 
1978-06-13 Johnny Blaine             Totowa, NJ, USA           W KO   1 
1978-08-30 John McGrath              Paramus, NJ, USA          W KO   2 
1978-09-26 Chuck Wepner              Totowa, NJ, USA           W PTS 12 
1978-11-14 Charlie Harris            Totowa, NJ, USA           W KO   3 
1979-03-13 Guy Casale                Totowa, NJ, USA           W KO   9 
1979-04-11 James Reid                White Plains, NY, USA     W PTS  8 
1979-07-31 Don Martin                Totowa, NJ, USA           W KO   4 
1979-09-18 Bill Connell              East Rutherford, NJ, USA  W KO   8 
1980-01-08 Ron Stander               Totowa, NJ, USA           W KO   1 
1980-02-19 C J Bar Brown             Totowa, NJ, USA           W KO   2 
1980-11-20 Randy Willis              Totowa, NJ, USA           W KO   1 
1981-02-28 Al Brooks                 Atlantic City, NJ, USA    W KO   2 
1981-06-30 Eddie Mallard             Atlantic City, NJ, USA    W TKO  3 
1981-08-21 Johnny Blaine             Elizabeth, NJ, USA        W KO   2 
1982-03-21 Renaldo Snipes            Atlantic City, NJ, USA    D PTS 10 
1982-11-24 Mark Lee                  Atlantic City, NJ, USA    W KO   4 
1982-12-22 Mike Jameson              Stateline, NV, USA        W PTS 10 
1983-01-26 Steve Zouski              Totowa, NJ, USA           W PTS 10 
1983-07-14 Ken Arlt                  Totowa, NJ, USA           W PTS 10 
1983-08-13 Ken Arlt                  Atlantic City, NJ, USA    W PTS 10 
1983-09-10 Larry Holmes              Atlantic City, NJ, USA    L TKO  5 
           WBC Heavyweight Title
1987-05-23 Stan Johnson              Crystal City, VA, USA     W KO   1 
1997-05-01 Derek Amos                Asbury Park, NJ, USA      W TKO  5 

Record to Date
Won 23 (KOs 16)  Lost 1  Drawn 1  Total 25  

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