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Jack McFarland was born Henry Forest on November 27, 1901, in the ironbound Section of Newark, 
New Jersey. He did much of his boxing out of Elizabeth, which was then known as Betsytown. 
Hence, the local sportswriters dubbed him "The Betsytown Terror." McFarland boxed many top 
fighters of his day from 1919 to 1930. They included: Benny Valger, whom he defeated, 
Lew Tendler, Georgie Ward, Charlie Small, Sergeant Sammy Baker, Paul Doyle, Harry Martone, 
Irish Fagan and Pete Hartley.

He first started boxing at the Old Paddy McGuigan's "Bucket of Blood," in Harrison. He won 
his first fight and earned a purse of five dollars, which was more than heearned for a week 
of work at a Newark machine shop. His second bout at McQuigan's brought him a purse of eight 

Jack was managed by Johnny Anthes of Elizabeth, whom Jack revered. Anthes discovered and 
trained both Mickey Walker, the former Welterweight and Middleweight World Champion, and 
Jack. McFarland trained with Mickey in the early days. Jack first trained at the old 
Lorraine A.C., in Harrison, the Sacred Heart Club, on Spring Street, in Elizabeth, 
subsequently at the old Gus Troxler gym in Newark, Buck Joseph's Camp, in Nutley, and 
the well renowned Madam Bey's Training Camp, in Catham Township, in New Jersey. This is 
were he met and spoke with Max Schmeling, who would soon be the Heavyweight Champion of 
the World.

Jack was thrilled after his bout with Billy Angelo, at Ebbett's Field, when he was walking 
back to his dressing room after the bout and somebody said, "Hello," to him. It was the 
Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, James J. Corbett.

Jack was totally blind after suffering an eye injury in the early 1940's in an industrial 
accident. Jack was the brother of the late Doc Conrad, another top-notch fighter, who also 
toed the mark with some of the toughest boxing men of the times. 

After 11 years and approx. 150 bouts, he retired. The highest single purse he ever received 
was $1,400 to split with his fight manager after a bout with the feared Frankie Polo of 
Silver Lake.

Here's some bouts that he fought that I have in my system:

1923- 1-19   Patsy Logan	W-10	Newark
1923- 2-16   Charlie Small	W-10	Newark
1923- 2-23   Soldier Jack Richie TKO- 6  Newark
1923- 4-17   Nick Clausen	W-12	Harrison
1923- 4-24   Willie Crystal	W-12	Harrison
1923- 6- 1   Sailor Morse	W-10	Newark
1923- 6-25   Joe Welling	W- 8	Newark
1923- 7- 6   Nick Clausen	W-10	Newark
1923- 8- 2   Sammy Stearns	W-10	Newark
1923- 8-14   Philly Lewis	D-10	Newark
1923- 9-21   Buck Thomas	KO- 2	Newark
1923-10- 8   Sammy Mossberg	D- 8	Newark
1924- 1-10   Philly Lewis	W-10	Newark
1924- 2-22   Sailor Pacillo	W- ?	New York
1926- 2- 3   Harry Dudley	KO-by- 5 Newark
1926- 5- 3   Lew Tendler	L-10	Newark
1926-12-20   Andy Divodi	L-10	Jersey City
1928- 1- 2   Lew Tendler	TKO-by- 8 Philadelphia
1928- 5-28   Harry Wallach	LF- 2	Brooklyn
1928- 6-12   Tony Vaccarelli	D-10	New York
1928- 6-27   Billy Angelo	D- 6	Brooklyn
1928- 8- 8   Freddy Polo	KO-by- 8 Newark

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