Inducted on November 5, 1978

Andy Wallace PictureAndy Wallace was born in 1907 and did most of his fighting out of Newark, New Jersey. His professional boxing career spanned from 1928 to 1935. Andy faced some of the outstanding fighters of his time including young Stribling, Don Petrin, Otto Von Porat, Paulino Uzcudun, Cowboy Willis, George Brescia, and Frank Montagna, the famed “Madison Butcher Boy.” So highly regarded was Andy Wallace, that Joe Louis, young Stribling, lack Sharkey, and Max Schmeling employed him as a sparring partner in preparation for some of their most important fights. Andy was associated with the operating engineers of Local 825. Andy was a cousin of Charlie and Walt Wallace of Ring No. 25: Charlie was recently honored at the IVBA Convention in New York State this past September. Andy Wallace passed away on May 13, 1976. He was a tough competitor and well deserving of tonights honor.