Inducted on November 12, 1993

“Puggy” first began his boxing career in 1935 as an amateur, turning pro four years later under the name “Boo Boo Hoff”.

For boxing fans of years gone by, Snyder fought such old-timers as ¬ęBaby Kid Chocolate,” Art Nadro, and Fritzie Zivic.

During World War II, he fought a fight refereed by Joe Louis. During Snyder’s boxing career, he appeared on the same boxing cards as Lou Seltzer (Piccone) and Arnold Cream (Jersey Joe Walcott), a former world heavyweight champion. At a 1948 boxing match in Camden Puggy fought “Gil Turner” in one of his last bouts with Walcott as the referee.

After 13 years of Professional Boxing Snyder retired at age 36 and began a second career as a truck driver, with Pfeffer’s Express of Vineland, where he remained until his retirement in 1975.

Snyder and his wife Jennie lived in Vineland and have a son, Frank, and a daughter, Rosalyn.

Boxing Record – Puggy Snyder