Inducted on September 28, 1975

Was born Alvin P. Ridway on June 22, 1907 in Union City, N. J., but was soon nick named “Allie”.

In a career that stretches from 1922 through 1932 Allie engaged in 104 bouts, 85 of these were victories, 5 were no decision, 5 were called draws and he had 9 losses.

His first bout was against Charlie Perkins at the West .New York playgrounds. Some of the opponents in between were Irish Bobby Brady, Nel Tarlton, who was the British feather weight champ, Joey Goodman, Pete Nebo, Georgie Mack, Joey Costa, Harry Carlton, Johnny Lawson, Buster Brown, Kid Chocolate and his last bout was a 10 rounder in Carlstadt, N. J. against Ernie Ratner.

He owned and operated the Hackensack Health Center from 1939 to 1946. Gus Lesnevich, who was the light heavy weight king, in 1941 was trained here by Allie. Later Allie hecame a referee in the State of N. J.

During World War II he was responsible for over 100 boxing shows for enlisted men. Weekly shows were held at Camp Kilmer, and Camp Shanks in the metropolitan area. Over $410,000 was raised in War Bonds.

Three of his 5 sons, Alvin, Richard and Peter appeared in these exhibitions.

Allie has been living in Fort Lauderdale, since 1956, where he is associated with the Florida Racing Commission. On February L he was appointed a division judge for Greyhound Racing.

Along with his 5 sons, he and wife Pearl also have 2 daughters and 20 grand children.

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