Inducted on October 14, 1979

Abe J. Greene PictureAbe Greene has long been called Mr. Boxing: in the Garden State.

And for good reason. He began as a newspaperman and rose to associate editor of the Paterson News. For many years he was the World Boxing Commissioner. He is also the International Commissioner of the WBA. Mr. Greene was the State Athletic Commissioner under several state governors and was responsible for many reforms and innovations in the sport, dating back to the 1930’s and 1940’s. He was an invaluable friend to many struggling fighters with his sincere advice and counsel.

The late Nat Fleischer was probably the outstanding contemporary authority on boxing. Perhaps he said it best in 1941 when he said about Abe Greene, “Through the good agency of Abe Greene, one-man commissioner of New Jersey, who has been elevated to the highest post in the National Boxing Association, that of president, the light heavyweight class in which a double champ was listed, now boasts of only one. Abe Greene turned the trick by handing to New York and its ace promoter, Mike Jacobs, the promotion of a title bout which Uncle Mike had previously sought but could not obtain without the aid of the N.B.A. The choice of Abe Greene was hailed in all parts of the east where his work as commissioner is well known. He knows the game from A to Z, is a fearless, two-fisted fighter for boxing and plays no favorites. Abe Greene doesn’t mince words when he feels an injustice is being done. He proved that, when he made the finest speech of the evening at the Annual Boxing Writers Dinner in New York and paved the way for the elimination tournament that ended in the crowning of Gus Lesnevich as Billy Conn’s successor. The Ring congratulates the N.B.A. on its selection of such a live wire to carry on the work of the organization towards the betterment of boxing.”

What the renowned Mr. Fleischer said almost 40 years ago sums up pretty well the dedication, the competence, and the love Mr. Greene has for the sport of boxing. He has always come to its aid when the critics were having their field day.

Mr. Green has resided in Paterson, New Jersey for many years. He still attends the fights, always enjoying himself and greeting his legion of friends. We are pleased indeed to be able to induct this man into our Hall of Fame. His fight for fairness and safety in the boxing world are legendary. He always had the best interests of the fighter formost in his thinking. We owe a debt of gratitude to him for dedicating his entire life to the sport we all love. Good health and God Bless to ABE J. GREENE.